Almost 300 North Tynesiders join our first ever kidical mass!

More than 270 riders of all ages and abilities, from tiny children in trailers to grandparents on ebikes, and everyone in between, joined our first ever North Tyneside kidical mass ride on Sunday (15th May). We were expecting maybe 100 to 120 riders and were blown away by the local excitement and enthusiasm for this […]

Moving forward on the seafront and why it matters

This morning the Department for Transport and Active Travel England released details of the next wave of central government funding for walking and cycling, including amongst other things the North Tyneside Sustainable Seafront scheme (see this blog post and others for our views on the plans previously proposed). We see this as fantastic news but […]

Our call for action in Whitley Bay

On 7 April 2022, we wrote to the three Whitley Bay councillors asking them to urgently act to reduce motorised traffic in the ward, following two serious collisions in the town centre and numerous lower-level issues with pavement parking, crossings and congestion. The letter was signed by 22 members, all Whitley Bay residents or regular […]

Writing to your Councillor(s)

You’ve been following Living Streets North Tyneside for some time now, and you’ve been wanting to get involved, but you’ve been hesitant as to how you’ll take the next step and contacting your elected representatives. Even the most seasoned of Councillor-contacting veterans amongst us started where you are, and hopefully this guide will aid you […]

Children, Young People, and the Seafront Cycleway: North Tyneside Sea Front Sustainable Route Part 3

Our beaches and the North Sea are amongst the most beautiful and valuable open spaces in our borough. We know how popular they are with children and young people, with and without families. Holidays and weekends see the beaches and the seafront – playgrounds, cafes, skateparks, green spaces – filled with children and young people […]

Things to Consider for the Seafront Consultation: North Tyneside Sea Front Sustainable Route Part 2

We’ve just published a post which highlights some of what we really like in the council’s plans for a new Sunrise Cycleway; here we just want to highlight some questions and themes to think about as you look at and respond to the consultation. In our alternative proposals for the seafront, which we imagined just […]