Children, Young People, and the Seafront Cycleway: North Tyneside Sea Front Sustainable Route Part 3

Our beaches and the North Sea are amongst the most beautiful and valuable open spaces in our borough. We know how popular they are with children and young people, with and without families. Holidays and weekends see the beaches and the seafront – playgrounds, cafes, skateparks, green spaces – filled with children and young people […]

Things to Consider for the Seafront Consultation: North Tyneside Sea Front Sustainable Route Part 2

We’ve just published a post which highlights some of what we really like in the council’s plans for a new Sunrise Cycleway; here we just want to highlight some questions and themes to think about as you look at and respond to the consultation. In our alternative proposals for the seafront, which we imagined just […]

North Tyneside Sea Front Sustainable Route Part1

North Tyneside Council is inviting views until the 24 October 2021 on permanent, segregated spaces for walking and cycling along the seafront between the North Shields Fish Quay and St Mary’s Lighthouse in Whitley Bay. This is a complex project and as the consultation progresses we’ll be putting forward comments & questions on some aspects […]

Time to re-imagine our high streets and make it happen – What’s next for Park View?

Many of us still fondly remember Park View Saturdays last summer. North Tyneside Council introduced pedestrian and cyclist zones along Park View and the Fish Quay, under experimental traffic orders, to facilitate social distancing and enable active travel. These trials lasted for four months only, from 1 July to 2 November 2020. They were funded […]

A Question for the Mayor – Cycling Champion

Perception vs Reality: to lead change, should a Cycling Champion undertake Bikeability training and be seen to make everyday trips around our Borough? On the 22nd July, the full Council meeting took place with questions for the Elected Mayor from the general public. One of the questions raised was: Within the roles and portfolios assigned […]

Town Centres

As part of the Council’s walking and cycling consultation, routes are proposed within Whitley Bay and North Shields Town Centres. Both have similar problems: Too much on street parking – prioritising vehicles – and leaving insufficent space for pedestrians and green infrastructure. Lots of one-way streets, unsuitable for everyday travel by bike, forcing cyclists onto […]

North Tyneside Council Sustainable Transport Schemes 2021-23

The council are currently consulting on a range of walking and cycling schemes, as we comment in detail on them links will be added to the section below. But what about the big picture? Is there enough money? The stated budget is £8.6 million to build 14 kilometres of “routes”. This sounds like a lot […]